My Honest Dubturbo Review

Are you wondering if the dubturbo beat production software is really right for you? Or maybe you’re skeptical about its claims of being both easy to use and professional studio quality?

I had the same concerns when I first found out about this software so I decided to write this review and help others who might be feeling a bit unsure. My name is Tim Richards, and this review of dubturbo will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this program, and make a sound decision before putting your hard earned money on the line.

* Before I jump right into the review, you should know that I’m an experienced music producer, but I also teach many new and aspiring beat makers and musicians to use music production software so I have a fairly good idea of how to judge the ease of use and functionality of this software.

Here’s a look at what I’ll cover…

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Features and Functionality
  4. Screenshots and Video

The Pros

One of the main claims to fame of Dubturbo is that it is both easy to use AND produces professional quality beats. I’m a bit skeptical when I hear something like this because as someone who uses a more “hardcore” studio setup, I have heard what free or cheaper beat makers and music production tools sound like and I’ve never been impressed.

But when I found out that the creator of Dubturbo is also a professional sampling engineer who makes beats, loops, and sound FX for some heavy hitters in the hip hop, rap, and electronic music scenes then I wasn’t surprised when I found out that yes, this thing really does bang out some SERIOUS sounding beats.

I’ve actually never seen a tool that sounds so good right out of the box, usually when loading up samples and sounds you have to really tweak them to get them sounding good, but with dubturbo everything sounds really good as soon as you load it into the drum machine or keyboard sampler.

So one of the biggest pluses I can give Dubturbo is that it lives up to its marketing hype when it says its both easy to use and sounds great. It does.

There are a bunch of other issues that I could cover at this point, but this is the main one that most new beat makers seem to want to know about when it comes to Dubturbo, so we’ll leave it at that for now. For more technical review and information you can check out the screenshots and functionality sections below.

The Cons

I have to admit that one of my biggest annoyances with dubturbo is that it doesn’t have any kind of microphone, vocal, or instrument input.

What this means is that if you want to record yourself rapping, singing, or playing the guitar then it is just not possible with this program. I really wish it was because I think that this tool is perfect for people who want to create a quick, quality beat FAST and then start adding in some other live sounds over it.

There is still a way to combine live singing or rapping with the tracks you create in dubturbo but you have to use a program like Audacity to first record in your external sound and then bring it into the dubturbo keyboard sampler.

Normal english please? You can’t record external vocals or instruments directly into dubturbo on the fly, you have to record into another sound recorder, save it, and then bring it into the dubturbo sampler.

*Note, this is not the case with the VST version (see more on this below)
Other than that, you can create full fledged tracks in Dubturbo using its samples, keyboard, drum machine, and sequencer.

So although this is the main con that really annoys me, this is still a GREAT program for those of you who are new to music production and want to make your own tracks and beats. It does everything else perfectly and to a professional degree.

Dubturbo Features and Functionality

Dubturbo comes with some great features and functionality that make this a really good program for learning how music production works, and for getting comfortable with the functionality of a real music studio.

The program in itself is basically a virtual music studio, and simply lays out all of the components in an easy to navigate way.

Some of my favorite features

  • Use your mouse to draw in sounds and beats
  • Drag and drop melodies and chords easily
  • A sick drum machine that you can play with your keyboard on the fly
  • Thousands of samples and packs with top notch industry standard sounds
  • 16 tracks with mute, solo, and volume faders
  • Upload tracks directly to youtube from within the software

For tech geeks out there

  • 44.1 studio quality sound, (NOT mp3 compressed sounds)
  • 10 pads per kid, 40 + kits (and FX!)
  • All drums PRE MASTERED
  • Great Stereo Imaging

Another great feature that is really worth mentioning in this review is that the new version of Dubturbo comes with a bonus, it comes with a VST version of the software. So if you decide to take things to the next step and purchase a more complicated or advanced music production setup like cubase or logic, then you can plug dubturbo into your DAW and be able to combine it with the rest of your setup!

This is actually how I use dubturbo right now. Although this solution is not ideal for new beat makers (because you need a bit more experience before you can get to that point) its great to know that when you’re ready, you can plug dubturbo into a more advanced studio setup with the VST version of the software!

Screenshots, and a Dubturbo Video

Here are some screenshots and a video of Dubturbo in action. My review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t actually let you see this thin in action so here it is.

The Dubturbo Sequencer

As you can see the dubturbo sequencer is a fully functinoning 16 track sequencer that allows you to arrange your bars, drums, and synth patterns. You have volume faders, mute, solo, and much more. This is the real deal and this is essentially how a big time music studio is laid out and setup!

Drum Machine

This, in my opinion, is the real GEM of the dubturbo features. I love the drum machine this thing comes with. It’s so easy to use your mouse to lay out the drum sounds that within about 30 seconds of starting the software you will have a sick, HIGH QUALITY beat rocking out of your speakers

Sampling Keyboard

What music studio would be complete without a keyboard sampler? This is where you load in your samples, instruments, fx, bass drops, and vocals. You can easily map out your melodies and chords with your mouse and then loop them, chop them, cut and paste them in your sequencer window

A Video of Dubturbo In Action

Here you can see Dubturbo in action, with beats being produced live in the software. Notice how good the beats sound and how easy the software is to use!

In Conclusion (The End of My Dubturbo Review)

This is, in my opinion, a great music and beat making software for new producers and even the more experienced producers alike…

The sound quality is top notch, its easy to use, and it runs smooth and FAST. People with little experience will be able to open the program and get started on making tracks and beats within only a few minutes because the interface is so intuitive and easy to use. Yet at the same time they will be learning sound fundamentals of beat production and have some pro quality, studio worthy tracks to show for it.

More advanced users can plug in the VST version of the software (which comes FREE with the stand alone) into their bigger DAW setups and reap the benefits of the seriously impressive sample catalog that comes with Dubturbo.

My conclusion???

GET IT. Just get it…

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