Is Dubturbo A Pro Quality Beat Maker?

Are you worried that perhaps dubturbo just won’t live up to the hype of being a pro quality beat production program?

I thought the same thing when I first started using dubturbo but let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about. This thing is a mean lean beat making machine and I’m going to highlight a few of the perks that make this thing truely pro quality.

First off, Have you ever seen what other beat making software programs look like on pc or mac? They are just crazy complicated, you have synths over here, and wack drum machines over there, and god knows what those buttons over there really do. But with dubturbo everything is laid out in such a friendly and accessible manner that you never have any doubts about what the function of a tool or button is.

Second, The samples in this program are above and beyond what you will find in other production programs. Dubturbo is absolutely stocked full of pro quality samples that will make your beats true signature bangers that can stand up to the likes of eminem and jay z without a doubt.

Third, Have you ever had your girlfriend over and she hears an awesome beat on the radio and you just know it makes her REALLY happy and excited? Dubturbo can do this to! It will really get her excited when she hears how YOU are making some studio grade beats in the comfort of your own bedroom. Chicks dig this stuff!

So if you haven’t realized by now that yes the dubturbo program can stand up to the more expensive and complicated big name software packages out there then you just need to get out there and get this one for yourself either by reading this dubturbo review or just putting this to the test and seeing it in action.

When it comes to music production and beat making nothing will get your headphones bopping like 44.1k sound (not mp3s or any of that crap), and a sick drum machine and sampling keyboard to help you bring your melodic and rhythmic ideas to life.

And when you’re ready to start spitting some sick rhymes over your beats you can just get right down to it because this beat maker will bang these beats out with one touch of a button. Can you imagine that the next time you have a great rap floating around in your brain all you do is hit a button, the drums start bangin out in your signature style and BAM you are rapping like a true pro.

Now is that quality? I think heck yes that is some real dubturbo beat making quality right there, and never doubt that!


About timrichards1970

I am a music producer and composer who has been making music for 15+ years. I aim to share my knowledge on all things music, and hope to learn a few things for myself along the way!
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