How Reviewing Dubturbo Will Help Your Music Career

So will coming up with your own reviewed version of dubturbo really going to help your music career take off like a rocket in a way that you never even dreamed of before?

My answer to that is that it depends. It all depends on where your coming from and what kind of experience you already have in the field of writing dubturbo reviews.

For instance, have you ever written a review of any other software products other than dubturbo? If not then this might be a bit more difficult for you to figure out since the whole thing is so fresh and new.

But on the up side if you have any experience with making your own beats or programming your own music then this could a bit easier than for someone who has absolutely no music production knowledge whatsoever.

On the other hand if you’ve used dubturbo in the past and have become pretty good with knowing its functionality, how it creates sounds, and what kind of features are its strong points then ya you could easily bang out a dubturbo review pretty easily if you wanted to and put some effort in.

Just remember that not everyone who is sucessful in the world of dubturbo reviews has come at this from an extremely experienced and musical background…

I remember meeting this one guy, I think his name was Dave, and he was writing some absolutely awesome material on this program, talking about how it worked, how the sounds were produced, what kind of samples were used, what genres could be made, etc. And he didn’t have any past experience with music composition or theory or production.

But what Dave did have was heart and dedication to writing the best review of dubturbo he could come up with.

Does it help to have a background in music production, software and technology?
I’d have to say that yes i think if you want to write a truly great review then this would go a long way to helping you.

But understanding dubturbo isn’t as complicated as you might think, or as it might seem on the surface. The key is just to know that the drums, the samples, and the synthesized melodies and harmonies that this program can replicated are just absolutely amazing.

Other programs like reason, sonic pro, and ableton are great but they don’t have the same degree of user friendliness that is exuded with dt.

So the next time someone asks you to write a dubturbo review, don’t brush them off so easily. Seriously consider it and maybe even do a bit of background research for 10 or 15 minutes and you will be well on your way to writing a great report!


About timrichards1970

I am a music producer and composer who has been making music for 15+ years. I aim to share my knowledge on all things music, and hope to learn a few things for myself along the way!
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