How to Make Techno Drums on the Computer

If you read my first post, then you know that I have been producing music for 15+ years and I have a passion for electronic music. Although I love breakbeats, jungle, dubstep, house, trance, and all the rest – my absolute favorite style of music when it comes to drum production is by far TECHNO!

Techno music tends to strip away the fluff and really focus in on the drums and the rhythms, which is why making techno music is so much fun, and is especially easy for new beat makers who want to start honing their skills. One of the reasons it is easier is because you don’t need to write super creative melodies, bass lines, or harmonies. The main focus of a techno track is its rhythmic patterns, beats, and drums.

So if you are a new beat maker and you are looking to get into programming your own techno drums on the computer, then I am going to give you the some great information that should be more than enough to get you started in this area. First, you need to get yourself some beat making software that comes stocked with sample kits made for creating techno music. Dubturbo, Reason Audio, and Ableton Live all come to mind right off the top of my head. These programs are perfect for making techno and are typically the go to programs for djs and producers who are looking to make their own beats.

Second, you should grab yourself a decent pair of headphones or speakers that allow you to hear all of the frequencies decently, a couple of brands that come to mind right away are speakers made by companies such as Tannoy, or my personal favorites, Rock-its.

Third, you should have a basic understanding of how drums are made on the computer. When you make beats you can brake the process down into 2 parts, samples & sequencing. Samples are basically the individual audio files or sounds that you use to make your beat patterns. For instance, each sound in a beat is its own distinctive sample or sound. The kick, snare, hi hat, crash, and clap are all contained in their own individual sound file, but how do you make a beat out of these? Using a sequencer. A sequencer is a computer program that allows you to take individual samples or sound files and create patterns with them, typically by dragging and dropping them onto a grid like structure and making patterns, then playing back the pattern and hearing the resulting sound. These grids are arranged in terms of time signatures and tempos, just like real music, and you simply place the samples onto the grid to create your techno beats!

If you’ve never made techno beats on your computer before then you now have a firm understanding of how to get started. You need a computer, some decent speakers, and some basic sequencing software that includes samples. Once you have all of this down it’s just a matter of getting to work and learning as you go. If you apply this basic information you will be making a simple techno beat the first time you sit down and try, I guarantee it!

I hope this article has helped you, it has been geared towards new beat makers who are looking to make their own techno music. If you happen to be more experienced then don’t worry, there will be more advanced material and content coming up shortly!

Thanks again guys, bless you all!


About timrichards1970

I am a music producer and composer who has been making music for 15+ years. I aim to share my knowledge on all things music, and hope to learn a few things for myself along the way!
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