Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog 🙂

The purpose of this site will be to share with you some of the more hard-to-come-by knowledge that I have picked up in my 15+ years of producing and composing music! For instance, did you know that you should vary the volume you are mixing at throughout a mixing session? It’s akin to a painter looking at his painting from all sorts of varied angels, and not just the same one all the time. For instance a painter or sculptor will get right up close to his work, and then take many steps back and look at it from all sorts of angels. Many times we forget to do the same thing when working with sound and music! That’s just a taste of the more “esoteric” music knowledge I will be sharing here.

If you need somewhere to get started, I recommend you check out my My Honest Dubturbo Review.

Or you can start with one of these popular posts

Much of the most important concepts I have learned over my career have actually been the most simple and obvious, but these things aren’t often talked about online, in magazines, in schools, or on other blogs. But that’s exactly what we are going to be discussing on this blog!

So stay tuned, I hope to be sharing great content with you on a regular basis, and please bookmark this site and check back often! Thanks again everyone, I look forward to running this blog!


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